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I studied photography in Jerusalem, graduating in 2001. In the last couple of years (2016-2019) i started painting again, sort of coming back to an old love of mine. In the last years, i focus on the society that surrounds me, the Israeli to be specific. An artist is not a politician, though his work might be political. Instead, an artist is someone who absorbs the information, the data around him, and lets it go through some filter. its a processing process. De-construction and Re-construction.

Weather we intend to or not, our images tell our story. Mine is of the human drama, the loneliness and the search of a home. Not necessarily a home of bricks, but a place you feel a connection to.

Both my parents were born in Poland, just before ww2 started. They had to hide during the war in order to survive. then, as small children, they came to other countries. and again and again. Each time there was this new hope of a home, a safe and loving ground. These glasses of interpretation of my work is only a suggestion, a subjective way of reading it. You are welcome to look at it through other glasses.

About Photography: I think the act of photography is a way of seeing, looking, thinking, defining, and communicating with reality- all in one simple act. It’s also a way to stop time.

As Roland Barthes said, when we see a photograph we realise, this really happened! No matter how many years have passed since this photo was taken, we can see a piece of existence and of history. This man might be long gone, this place doesn’t seem like that anymore, but still, for one moment in time, it existed.

I started taking photos when i was 20. A friend of mine lent me his camera for a few days.
I found that this thing allowed me to do some kind of magic.
This square space which seemed so limiting at first, the frame, turned out to be a place I could capture some random visual information, visual coincidences, and from them create something new.

In 1997 when I was 24 y.o, I started my studies of photography in ‘Bezalel’ Academy in Jerusalem.
Another important thing that happened around the same time, was that I started practicing yoga.
I found the world of yoga and the practice to bring me calmness of mind.
Today, more than twenty years after, I still take photos and I still do yoga and meditation.

I think my photos are mostly about society and man’s place in that society.

Both London series as well as the “33” degrees one, portray man in this concrete jungle. The “33 degrees” is about Israeli society and surroundings, which i think contain some degree of humorist approach, but not only humorist. Some of my work is a manipulation, a collage, and in those i enjoy creating a kind of “reality comics”. Taking something and putting it out of its context and in a new context, creates a new way to look at those daily scenes. A.L